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  • Atom labz Robotics

    Acclaimed skill based Robotics and Coding program that prepares kids to build technological solutions and robots to address real world problems

    “Improve logical and problem solving skills by 150%”

  • Results

    • Demystify complex technologies
    • Easier understanding of STEM
    • Learn Mechanics, Electronics & Coding
    • Improves Logical thinking
    • Foster higher scientific reasoning
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  • Bright Minds

    A cognitive development and english program enhancing child’s ability to think, reason and communicate

    “Build a vocabulary twice the size of your peers”

  • Results

    • Enhances reasoning skills
    • Improves reading and public speaking
    • Better communication skills
    • Increases general knowledge
    • Stronger vocabulary
    • Overall grooming
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  • Chess Mates

    Best chess program developed under the aegis of Mr. Akshat Kamparia, MP’s only FIDE-rated International Master

    “Increases concentration levels by upto 4 times”

  • Results

    • Boosts brain power
    • Builds analytical skills
    • Builds concentration
    • Learn calmness under pressure
    • Develop problem solving skills
    • Increase in IQ levels
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  • Fit N Fun

    Multisport initiation program to make physical fitness, sports and gymnastics – fun, engaging and enjoyable for young kids

    “Active and fit preschoolers are twice more likely to play competitive sports”

  • Results

    • Exposure to multiple sports - Athletics/Basketball/Racquet sports/Football
    • Physical activity and Gymnastics
    • Improves confidence and competence
    • Encourages a healthy lifestyle
    • Improves social skills
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  • Karate

    World’s leading Shotokan Karate program to train kid’s mind, body, and spirit to act as one

    “Leads to three fold improvement in self discipline and confidence”

  • Results

    • Teaches self-defence
    • Builds confidence
    • Instils respect and gratitude
    • Improves grace and conduct
    • Teaches anti-bully strategies
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  • Scribble Art Studio

    Distinctive program to take kids on a magical art journey from basic drawing/painting to advanced commercial paintings

    “Multi fold increase in creativity and abstract thinking”

  • Results

    • Develops creative thinking
    • Improves abstract thinking
    • Creates aesthetically pleasing experience
    • Improves hand eye coordination
    • Reduces stress
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