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  • Overview

    About Us
    ‘The Dance connection’ is a dance school with a difference. We truly believe that each one of you can use movement  to connect with people, circumstances and situations in life. TDC is all about the connection between your body and the soul and that is why dancing with you feet is one thing and dancing with your soul is another!
    Why TDC?
    Walk into our studio and feel the positivity from our students who are welcoming, polite, enthusiastic and smiling. We strive hard to provide the best learning environment. Apart from the different types of programs offered, our highly trained and qualified teachers help develop physical fitness, appreciation of the body, concern for sound health practices and effective stress management approaches.
    Our Classes

    For kids 3.5 Yrs – 6 Yrs/ Basics of styles/ Beat knowledge/ Emphasis on foot work/ Kids Zumba
    For kids 7 Yrs – 12 Yrs/ Technical foundation in dance / Body language/ Increasing flexibility/ Removing stage fear
    For 13 Yrs and above/ Body weight exercises/ Stamina & strength building/ Creative Movement/ Developing dance attitude & expressions
    Special ladies session/ Dance techniques/ Confidence building/ Body work-out
    Zumba/ Aerobics/ Weight reduction exercises/ Stamina build-up/ Special morning batches
    The “ME”
    Specialized FORTE sessions
    Club dancing/ Signature steps/ Impressive moves
    Immense Love
    Partner dance/ Extended dance sequences/ Lifts & Moves/ Connecting the soul / Charismatic Movements
    Wedding Diaries
    Sangeet Choreography/ Special Bridal Act
    Corporate Dance
    Special workshops/ Team building/ Fitness/ Staff wellness and satisfaction
    Dance Styles 
    Hip-Hop/ Jazz/ Modern/ Salsa/ Break-Dance/ Locking/ Popping/ Contemporary/ Lyrical/ Dub-step/ Bollywood/ Bachata/ Rumba/ Cha-Cha/ Krumping/ B-Boying/ Tuting/ Waacking/ Bhangra
  • About the Choreographer

    Gaurav has enjoyed great success in amateur and professional competitions in and outside Indore. Having a strong desire to share the benefits and techniques of dancing with others, he is a fantastic choreographer and a person with passion for dance and has been teaching dance for over a decade! His students have won district and state level dance competitions. 
    After assisting Kunwar Amarjeet Singh of the DID fame for 3 years, undergoing training at  Shaimak Davar Institute of Performing Arts at Delhi, and having having taught various dance styles for more than 12 years, Gaurav is now a partner and lead trainer at The Dance Connection.